Homebrew Race: Aquillian

Aquillians are a race of bird-like humanoids featured in the Core Rulebook. Since they are among the most civilized creatures of the Crimson Horde and I have a thing for aarakocra (D&D) and tengu (Guild Wars), I figured they deserved a PC stat block even though they would be a rare sight in most of the world. Since flight can be a substantial advantage in and out of combat, I've decided to limit their aerial capability, but a possible avenue for GMs wanting to allow complete flight would be to unlock it via a General Perk. I also have half a mind to develop a racial feat system that it could make use of (allowing players to spend Tier tokens on race-specific powers instead). I would however be wary of introducing aerial ranged combat into the game.



Average Height: 1.50–1.70m

Average Weight: 40–75kg



Leap of Faith. Though your wings can't support your body weight in flight, they allow certain manoeuvres.

You take only half damage from falling as long as you are able to control your wings. You can also use your Movement action to move vertically to a Nearby distance (about 10 meters), but you do not possess stationary flight and must land or fall at the end of your action.

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