Miscellaneous Houserules

This page lists various houserules that I am thinking about and haven't consolidated elsewhere yet, as well as simple changes that don't really fall into a broader category.

Basic rule tweaks
Flaw system

The Flaw system is meant as a way for players to choose their first General Perk at level 1 and replaces the one they get at level 3. It can act like negative Core Paths or give you Hindrance or restrictions on certain tasks or in some situations. For groups that aren't used to designing complex characters, it can also help GMs encourage their players to think about ways to make their characters more lifelike. On the other hand, for groups that have already mastered that aspect of role-playing, choosing Flaws that have more tangible/mechanical effects will help avoid the feeling of just giving your players freebies for something they should already be doing.

Flaws should always be discussed with the GM to gauge their relative "weight" and ensure they aren't too broad or specific, like Core Paths. More benign ones could be combined to justify the benefit of an early Perk. The following are just a few examples to get you thinking about your options.

Future content

The following list is just a personal reminder and/or foretaste of additional content I would like to design and share here.