Homebrew Class: Minstrel

The Minstrel is my take on a purely vocal bard class, with less focus than the core classes on combat and more explicit integration with Spark Points. It should feel right at home as a court bard in high society or as a common travelling storyteller with an ear to the ground. It gains additional Core Paths in the form of Shams, which are limited to 1 point each but are based on fabricated stories and can be created and changed on a whim.

A Minstrel uses their voice to create magickal effects that are mostly mind-affecting, but some also reality-altering, and focuses on sowing confusion among her enemies and bolstering her allies’ courage in combat. Some of the class’s powers can be maintained but also have a repeating action cost from turn to turn as they require the Minstrel to focus on the musical effects they are crafting. This leads to a play style that may feel more passive at times, with the upside being that in most cases, once an effect has taken hold, there is no need to roll again for the rest of its duration.

Note: This homebrew is untested and not properly balanced. Make sure that your GM and other players are okay with you trying it out in your campaign. Feedback is extremely appreciated.

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