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Welcome to Brewno's Homebrew, home of various homemade content for Unity players looking for more character options, as well as GM tools and resources to facilitate campaign preparation or tune the system to your liking. A lot of the stuff here hasn't been tested (or not nearly enough), so your feedback is very welcome in the comments! That also applies to the site itself. Make yourself comfortable!

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Minstrel class added and Pack Rat updated

 — Sep 25, 2019

Despite not getting much playtesting time with the Pack Rat, I went ahead and rebuilt some of its core abilities, especially the way its secondary resource works, in the hopes of streamlining it a little and preventing abuse in cases where players can easily acquire too much Gear.

I’ve also added yet another homebrew class from my work in progress, this time with a Presence-based class that integrates ideas I’ve had in the back of my head for a long time without a medium to materialize them. Say hello to the Minstrel, whose role in combat is very much support-oriented, with several mind-based debilitating effects and a few boons it can grant its allies. Several of its core abilities are also meant to be used outside of combat since this is a highly social character concept, and I’ve expanded its use of Core Paths to make it a very adaptable "skill monkey" of sorts. There is definitely room for a couple more offensive powers in there if you have any ideas you’d like to share!

A place to share your custom NPCs

 — Aug 10, 2019

This is something that I put off doing for a long time since I did not get any actual request, but I have now adapted the NPC block template to be able to host everyone's custom NPCs on the site, as well as provide a quick link to edit them with the NPC Creator. Those creatures will be found in the Creatures & NPCs category and can include lengthy descriptions and commentary in addition to the actual stat block. And as with other homebrew, visitors can rate and comment on each submission.

I might be able to allow automated form submissions in the future, but for now, please e-mail me the NPC Creator link to any creature you would like to feature on the site as well as a description and the username you would like to be credited as. Let's get sharing!

Miscellaneous page added

 — Feb 15, 2019

I've added a new page for miscellaneous houserules that don't fall under broad categories like additional classes, races, etc. I have more ideas that I am still pondering, but what is there already seems like it shouldn't break your game if you try it :) Do let me know how it goes if you decide to implement them!

I also expect to playtest a Tier-I Pack Rat online in the coming weeks, so you can expect changes to be made to the class in response to our experience. This will be the first time I get to see it in play, but I've also made several changes since uploading it here, so you will see that a few powers have been tweaked or moved around. While I like the overall power choices, I still have reservations about the core mechanic both in terms of simplicity and effectiveness, so I look forward to seeing exactly how bad it gets!