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Welcome to Brewno's Homebrew, home of various homemade content for Unity players looking for more character options, as well as GM tools and resources to facilitate campaign preparation or tune the system to your liking. A lot of the stuff here hasn't been tested (or not nearly enough), so your feedback is very welcome in the comments! That also applies to the site itself as I'm still wrestling with some of the features to make them behave properly. Make yourself comfortable!

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Custom character sheet added

 — Sep 29, 2018

A few months back, I designed an alternate character sheet for my players, due in part to not having a printer that can print full page, but also to take a different approach at tracking certain parts of a character. Took me a while to remember I should share it with others who might like that, but here it is now!

Brewnity / Brewno's Homebrew Launches

 — Jun 13, 2018

Welcome! After going through some web hosting issues, I am finally ready to start sharing some of my creations online. I am still getting the hang of Grav, so please excuse any bugs or weirdness you might come across in the coming weeks and don't hesitate to get in touch to let me know if something isn't working as it should. As you can see in the sidebar, I've already been working on a couple new character classes, among other things, which I hope to be ready to share sooner than later. More importantly, the NPC Creator is out of beta and this is its new official home.

If you have any ideas or requests for content, tools or additional features, let me know in the comments!